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Distinguishing Intuition from Random Thoughts

How do I identify the difference between a random occurring intuition and a mental thought (that is more of an interpretation)? I have been learning to quiet my mind using various methods, but somehow the static (mental noise – judgments, interpretations) keep coming back from the back door all the time and once I start dwelling on it, the noisy mind takes over. Is there a way to differentiate between true intuitions, creative thoughts and mental noise/static/dwelling on thoughts and judging the world in an unhelpful manner??
Thanks very much for your attention to answer this.


When one has a valuable intuition, that means that the thought reflects a deeper intelligence than the chaotic, reactive  thought process that constitutes much of our surface mental activity.  So the character of the intuition is different; it feels simple, right, and it does not arise from fear. When your awareness is settled and silent, it is easy to recognize the distinction between  the two. If your mind is too noisy to tell the difference, then you are probably not in a position to make use of the intuitive impulse anyway. If you continue meditating, you will develop the ability to maintain a silent awareness even outside of meditation. Once you have cultured that consciousness you will be able to use it as a standard upon which you can differentiate valuable intuitive guidance from the universe from the background noise of your mind.

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  1. *pergi ke gugel translate dulu*

    udah masuk gugel masih ga ngerti juga xD *pletak*
    ini tentang apa sih dy? meditasi? intuasi? self awareness? *binun* :mrgreen:

    • hahahaha.. ini salah satu cara buat bedain intuisi sama pikiran2 random.. kadang kan kita suka bingung, yang intuisi itu ciri2nya kaya gimana 🙂

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